Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1936

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)

Much of the text of this entry comes from issue 82 of the DragonKing Press Newsletter available as a downloadable .pdf in the digital downloads section.


02-08-1936: In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Tiger Daula, a massive wrestler from India, undefeated since his return from Australia defeated Ed “Strangler” Lewis after pulling him back into the ring in the fifth round and forcing the match. After a slow first round, Strangler Lewis put his famous headlock on Daula and he was unable to wiggle free. Lewis finally won the fall. Lewis tried a strangle hold in the fourth round and when he persisted after being warned the referee awarded the fall to Daula. When they came back for the fifth round, Strangler Lewis delayed in entering the ring and was grabbed by Daula and pulled through the ropes. Daula took the winning fall with a body slam.

02-16-1936: The National Wrestling Association withdraws their recognition of Danno O’Mahoney as world champion after he fails to show for a scheduled title defense in Galveston, TX.

03-02-1936: Dick Shikat defeats Danno O’Mahoney in a shoot in New York by forcing a submission with a hammerlock. Al Haft and Jack Pfeffer are behind the double cross which splinters the world title yet again. There was a major court case spawned by this match.

03-31-1936: Wrestler George Zaharias defeats boxer Art Shires in a boxer verses wrestler match in Indianapolis, IN.

04-20-1936: Albion Britt wins a tournament final over Ted Christy in Hollywood, CA to become World Junior champion, a title that would eventually become recognized by the NWA with a lineage that remained largely unbroken until 1988.

05-05-1936: Ali Baba defeats Dick Shikat in New York City to become World champion in New York. Fans and news writers in California question whether the new World champion is former Ventura promoter Harry Ekizian with many believing it isn’t (it is.)

05-10-1936: Texas State Athletic Commission names Daniel Boone Savage as their World champion.

05-18-1936: Rudy Dusek proclaims himself world champion after a DQ loss to world champion Danno O’Mahoney is reversed. Dusek’s claim to the world title is not recognized by any of the major promoters.

06-12-1936: Dave Levin defeats World champion Ali Baba via DQ in Newark, NJ and begins to bill himself as world champion. The state of New York withdraws their recognition of Ali Baba as champion.

06-19-1936: Former World champion Jim Browning dies of a pulmonary embolism in Rochester, MN.

06-26-1936: Everette Marshall defeats Ali Baba for the World heavyweight title in Columbus, OH. He was the reigning Mid-West champion at the time.

07-01-1936: In Columbus, OH, Billy Sandow, manager of Everette Marshall, lifted world championship recognition from Ali Baba following Marshall’s defeat of Baba on June 26. He issued a press release stating, “Marshall is ready to meet anyone, anytime, any place, for any amount. The trust has three wrestlers it is booking as champion: Dave Levin is one. Another is Danno O’Mahoney. The third is Vincent Lopez of California.”

07-09-1936: In St. Louis, MO in response to press statements made by Billy Sandow on July 1st, Dave Levin the 23 year old claimant of the world championship announced he, “is ready to take on all challenging aspirants to the title that went along with my victory over Ali Baba.” He was with his manager, Toots Mondt, to discuss a possible match with local promoters. Dave Levin expressed willingness to meet Everette Marshall, another claimant to the crown. Tom Packs, matchmaker, said a match between the pair in St. Louis late this summer depends upon the final word of Billy Sandow, Marshall’s manager.

07-13-1936: Yvon Robert defeats Danno O’Mahoney in Montreal, Canada to win the American Wrestling Association world title.

07-30-1936: Ivan Managoff defeats Rudy Dusek in Washington DC to end Dusek’s claim to be world champion.

08-19-1936: In what may have been a shoot, Dave Levin defeats the California claimant of the world heavyweight championship, Vincent Lopez, at Wriggly Field in Chicago, IL. Following the match Lopez claims he is going to complain to the Illinois State Athletic Association and will probably quit wrestling.

Dutch Hefner is hospitalized following a match in Cleveland, OH against Everette Marshall due to broken ribs.

Ted Cox beats and unmasks the Masked Mauler (Hank Metheny) in Stockton, CA.

09-1936: With the World heavyweight title again having been split into many factions following the March shoot match in New York, the National Wrestling Association decides to hold a tournament to crown a new world champion. The association requires a $500 bond be posted per entrant.

09-28-1936: Dean Detton defeats Dave Levin in Philadelphia, PA to win an off shoot version of the World title by submission.

10-30-1936: In St. Louis, MO wrestling fan Charles Norwood of Evansville, IN filed suit for $15,000 damages against George Zaharias alleging he was injured in Evansville on February 4 when Zaharias engaged him in a fight.

11-02-1936: Abdullah the Butcher (Larry Shreeve) is born.

11-03-1936: Billy Hanson defeats Nick Lutz in a tournament final for the Joe Malcewicz Pacific Coast title in San Francisco.

11-20-1936: Everette Marshall defeats Ali Baba in Chicago, IL to become recognized as world champion in Illinois.

11-24-1936: Kimon Kudo defeats Frank O’Brien via DQ in Ventura, CA when Frank’s brother, the wild Buddy O’Brien interfered causing a riot which resulted in Buddy O’Brien being arrested and later fined $100 by the local judge for inciting a riot. The bloody brawl made front page news in the local newspaper.

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Everett Marshall

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