Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1942

By: Karl Stern (@wiwcool)


02-02-1942: Jack Veneno is born Rafael Sanchez February 2, 1942 in San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic. Veneno would have a brief and largely unrecognized reign as NWA World heavyweight champion in 1983 when champion Ric Flair did a clean pinfall loss to him in the Dominican Republic in order to avoid a riot.

02-17-1942: Juan Humberto defeats Bobby Managoff in Dallas, TX to win the Texas title. The belt would later become the NWA Texas title and have a long history lasting until 1990.

02-19-1942: Bill Longson defeats Sandor Szabo in St. Louis, MO for the National Wrestling Association World title.

03-05-1942: Babe Kasaboski defeats Morris Sahpiro via DQ to win the Florida Junior heavyweight title.

Tom Zaharias defeats Orville Brown for the Midwest title in Kansas City.

04-08-1942: An attendance record is set for St. Louis, MO with a crowd of 12,896 to see Bill Longson (managed by Ray Steele) retain the NWAssociation World title over Ed “Strangler” Lewis by pinfall with Jack Dempsey as referee. The newspaper calls Stranger Lewis “fat and 50”.

04-21-1942: Superman II defeats Orville Brown for the Midwest title. Superman II is unmasked during the match revealing himself to be NWAssociation champion Bill Longson.

04-28-1942: Ed Virag defeats Roy Dunn for the “National Wrestling Alliance” World title in Wichita, KS.

05-08-1942: George Wagner (AKA: Gorgeous George) wins the California light heavyweight title from Wild Red Berry in Santa Monica.

05-13-1942: Steve Casey defeats The French Angel (Maurice Tillet) for the American Wrestling Association World title in Boston, MA.

06-21-1942: Black Shadow makes his debut under the name Jungla Cruz against Rito Romero.

06-25-1942: Orville Brown wins his third Midwest title from Tom Zaharias in Kansas City.

07-26-1942: Rodolfo Guzman Huertes, who had previously wrestled under several different names, debuts his new identity of the masked El Santo in an eight man battle royal at Arena Mexico in Mexico City. El Santo won the battle royal and went on to become one of the most well known and respected luchadores in history.

08-07-1942: Masa “Mr.” Saito (Masanori Saito) is born.

08-12-1942: John Grandovich defeats Ed Virag for the “National Wrestling Alliance” World title in Topeka, KS.

08-19-1942: Rube Wright defeats Swedish Angel (Philip Olofson) in Los Angeles, CA in a match billed for the “world title”.

10-07-1942: Yvon Robert defeats Bill Longson in Montreal, Canada for the National Wrestling Association World title.

10-13-1942: Herb Welch defeats Gus Johnson in Nashville, TN for the Nick Gulas & Roy Welch promoted World Junior title.

10-26-1942: Ed Virag wins his second “National Wrestling Alliance” World title from John Grandovich in Wichita, KS.

11-05-1942: Orville Brown meets Ed “Strangler” Lewis in Kansas City and loses to Lewis but the outcome is controversial. The match was for Brown’s Midwest title and Brown is allowed to keep the belt but a rematch is set for November 26.

11-10-1942: Hallie Samara defeats King Kong Clayton for the Kentucky Negro title in Louisville, KY.

11-26-1942: Ed “Strangler” Lewis wins the Midwest title from Orville Brown in Kansas City.

11-27-1942: Bobby Managoff defeats Yvon Robert in Houston, TX for the NWAssociation World title.

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Yvon Robert

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