Ultimate History of Pro Wrestling - A Time Line of Every Major Event in Pro Wrestling History - 1964

By: Karl Stern


01-03-1964: The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) defeats Mad Dog Vachon for the Pacific Northwest title in Portland, OR.

01-10-1964: Toyonobori, Yoshinosato, Koukichi Endo, and Michiaki Yoshimura announce that the JWA will continue despite the death of Rikidozan.

01-25-1964: Dominic DeNucci defeats Ray Stevens in San Francisco, CA for the U.S. title.

01-30-1964: Fred Blassie wins his fourth WWA World title from Eduardo Carpentier in Los Angeles.

02-05-1964: Lou Thesz defeats Shohei “Giant” Baba in Detroit, MI to retain the NWA World heavyweight title.

02-06-1964: Nick Bockwinkel defeats The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) in Medford, OR Armory to earn the right to meet Lou Thesz for the NWA World title.

02-15-1964: Lou Thesz defeats Giant Baba in Cincinnati, OH to retain the NWA World heavyweight title.

03-06-1964: Rocky Columbo (John Columbo) dies.

04-22-1964: Dick the Bruiser wins the WWA World title from Fred Blassie in Los Angeles, CA. Even after losing the L.A. version of the title, Bruiser keeps the title in Indianapolis, IN for his own WWA promotion and a new lineage is formed there.

05-02-1964: Mad Dog Vachon wins the AWA World heavyweight title from Verne Gagne in Omaha, NE.

05-16-1964: Verne Gagne regains the AWA World heavyweight title from Mad Dog Vachon in Omaha, NE.

07-22-1964: The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) defeats Dick the Bruiser for the WWA World title in Los Angeles.

09-10-1964: Bob Ellis defeats The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) for the WWA World title in Los Angeles.

10-20-1964: Mad Dog Vachon regains the AWA World heavyweight title from Verne Gagne in Minneapolis, MN.

10-23-1964: Jim Barnett holds his first World Championship Wrestling show in Australia at Sydney Stadium.

11-13-1964: The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) regains the WWA World title from Bob Ellis in San Diego, CA.

12-04-1964: The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) loses to Toyonobori in Tokyo, Japan but returns to the U.S. still claiming the WWA World title. Toyonobori is promoted as WWA champion in Japan. The two titles are eventually reunited.

Verne Gagne.jpg

Verne Gagne

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