June 6, 1981 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)


We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from 1981.  This week we only have a partial episode so let's join it in progress.  If you missed last week click here.

We have about a six week run of Southeastern on YouTube right now starting back in May and running through this whole month so we should have a pretty good idea of things after this.  I guess co-host Les Thatcher is gone at this point as Charlie Platt has announced the last couple of weeks solo.  Let's see what happens this week.

Charlie is joined by a new co-host but the tape starts after we learn who he is and I don't immediately recognize him.  The main event of today's show should be a great one as Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) teams with Ken Lucas against Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose.

Charlie said that the National Wrestling Alliance informed them today that Brad Armstrong is being considered for the NWA Rookie of the Year award.  Charlie also says that the title picture has changed quite a bit in the Southeastern area recently.  He tells us that Jimmy Golden is now the NWA Alabama champion (previous champion was Ken Lucas) and Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose are once again the NWA Southeastern tag team champions (it was never made clear last week who the champions were but it seems like they were held by Bob & Brad Armstrong).

Charlie then casually throws out that Robert Fuller has been injured and possibly has BRAIN DAMAGE at the hands of Mr. Saito.

The opening match is in the ring:  Stan Lane verses Roy Lee Welch.  We had the same match last week and it was pretty good.  Lane had to hold the tights to win a close match.  Lane is the NWA U.S. Junior champion again after getting the belt returned to him when Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) missed weight.  Lane wins again this week and once again uses the tights for the pin.

Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose are out to the desk to watch video of them regaining the NWA Southeastern tag team titles from Bob & Brad Armstrong in the arena.  Ron Bass also joins them. The video show Ron Bass helping Condrey & Rose win the belts with the use of a chain.

We now get the run down for the upcoming weeks matches at Birmingham, Alabama's Boutwell Auditorium.  Last week they gave an entirely different card for June 10th so I guess they scrapped that whole show.  The new one is this:  Mr. Saito (NWA Southeastern champion) defends the title against Ron Fuller, Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) verses Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas, Bob Armstrong verses Ron Bass, Jimmy Golden (NWA Alabama champion) defends the title against Ray Candy, Stan Lane (NWA U.S. Junior champion) defends against Brad Armstrong, Diamond Lil verses Barbi Doll.

Interviews with Stan Lane & Ron Bass and Bob & Brad Armstrong.

So, this week things are shaking up a little bit.  Paul Orndorff is clearly gone now and so is Robert Gibson.  Bob & Brad Armstrong are breaking up their tag team again as Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey are being moved to work Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas.  Obviously, Mr. Olympia is being moved out of the junior heavyweight division back toward the heavyweight top of the card.  Robert Fuller apparently is also gone for a while.

Charlie Platt talks to Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose at the desk.  They are hyping up their upcoming matches against Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas.  We cut to an interview with Olympia & Lucas where they reveal that Lucas is teaching the sleeper hold to Mr. Olympia.

We go to the ring for our next match:  Bob Armstrong verses Jimmy Golden (NWA Alabama champion).  So we get a surprise main event level match on television.  "Bullet" Bob starts off hot against Golden who is the new Alabama champion.  Golden bails out of the ring as Armstrong continues with the early offense. A hot back and forth match with most of the offense by Bob Armstrong. Of course, you know with a match of this caliber on television someone is running in and today it is Ron Bass.  Bob Armstrong wins by DQ.  

Brad Armstrong and Ray Candy hit the ring for the save.  Ron Bass wraps a chain around his fist and attempts the heart punch but Bob escapes and then stomps Bass' hand repeatedly on the mat with the chain wrapped around it "breaking" Ron Bass' hand.  So for once on television, the baby faces get one over on the heels.

We now get interviews with various people for the upcoming weeks of house shows including Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Stan Lane & Mr. Saito & Jimmy Golden who currently hold all the belts in the southeast.

Al Roberts is the new co-host and he interviews Ron Fuller.

Stan Lane is a hilarious interview.  It's too bad he didn't do many heel interviews later on with the Midnight Express as Jim Cornette did most of the talking.

Al Roberts now interviews Brad Armstrong and then Ray Candy.

Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas interview is next.

The next match is in the ring:  Ray Candy verses The Avenger.  This will be a literal squash as the skinny enhancement wrestler The Avenger is about to get for real squashed by the gigantic Ray Candy.  And he does so in about zero point zero seconds.

Ray Candy then comes to the desk to watch video of himself verses Ron Bass.  Ray Candy is enormous.  He's not only fat but he's tall too.

Now we get another set of interview with Jimmy Golden and Ray Candy.

Back to the desk and Charlie Platt is joined by Ron Fuller talking about the injury to Robert Fuller where Mr. Saito collects the bounty of Jimmy Golden for hurting Robert Fuller.

Time now for our TV main event:  Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) verses Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas.  This is a non-title match.  This should be great.

Even back and forth match.  Both teams work well together.  Randy Rose and Mr. Olympia look especially good in the ring together.  After a good little match Ken Lucas and Mr. Olympia hook on double sleeper holds but the referee gets bumped.  Randy Rose goes out and gets a 2 X 4 (they use this from time to time to put people out of action) Rose goes to hit Lucas but Mr. Olympia takes it away from him and bops him over the head with it.  Rose is out and has to be dragged out of the ring.  Looks like this one is a no contest.

After the break we get a Mr. Saito interview which is interrupted by Dennis Condrey ranting about the injury now to Randy Rose.  We get a rebuttal from Ron Fuller & Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas.

June 6, 1981 (Television Show): Charlie Platt & Al Roberts host... Charlie Platt tells us that Jimmy Golden is the new NWA Alabama champion and Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose are the new NWA Southeastern tag team champions... Stan Lane defeated Roy Lee Welch... Video of Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose winning the NWA Southeastern tag team titles from Bob & Brad Armstrong... Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose and Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas interview... Bob Armstrong defeated Jimmy Golden via DQ when Ron Bass interferes... Bob Armstrong injures the hand of Ron Bass... Interviews with Stan Lane & Mr. Saito & Jimmy Golden & Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose... Interview with Ron Fuller... Brad Armstrong interview.. Ray Candy interview... Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas interview... Ray Candy defeated The Avenger...Video of Ray Candy verses Ron Bass... Jimmy Golden interview... Ray Candy interview... Ron Fuller interview... Video tape of Mr. Saito injuring Robert Fuller... Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose battled Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas to a no contest...Dennis Condrey & Mr. Saito interview and Mr. Olympia & Ken Lucas & Ron Fuller .        (Referee: Marvin Kelly)

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