June 30, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

There are three of the four television shows for June 1984 on YouTube, missing only the 23rd and I may have that in my personal collection once I get around to converting it.  So, here we go, June 30, 1984.

We join Charlie Platt in progress of telling us about the upcoming show.  The video misses most of his opening comments so it's to the ring for the first match.

Match one:  The Black Diamond (unknown) & Boris Zurkoff verses The R.A.T. Patrol, Inc.  Wrestling for the R.A.T. Patrol in this match are Scott Armstrong & the Tonga Kid.  Billy Spears is at ringside as he manages Boris Zurkoff. Tonga Kid wins with a diving headbutt on Black Diamond.

The match is followed by a promo by all three members of the R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid).  This is followed by a video of Steve Armstrong who has recently debuted.  He is doing all the things you would expect an Armstrong to be doing like listening to Hank Williams, Jr. and shooting guns and playing a banjo.

Next match up:  Rick McGraw (NWA Alabama champion) verses Tim Riley.  It's ole Mush Mouth McGraw in action again.  I remember really liking McGraw as a kid but for the life of me I don't understand why.  He was bloated and slow and a terrible promo.  McGraw wins with a clumsy slam off the ropes.

Rick Stewart now tells us that Vic Rain is the new NWA Southeastern heavyweight champion having defeated Jimmy Golden.  I have no memory Vic Rain nor this title change and I was a big fan at the time.  That should tell you all you need to know about Vic Rain.

Ron Fuller is out next to save us.  I'm convinced now that Ron Fuller was one of the top five heel promo people I've ever heard.  He narrates a video of him whipping Bob Armstrong in an Indian Strap match.

Billy Spears' family is out next to tell us how great they are.  They are presently made up of Boris Zurkoff & Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Tommy Gilbert.  They then narrate over a video of Anderson & Stubbs against the R.A.T. Patrol from the arenas.  Apparently, one of the Spears' family has stolen one of the NWA Southeastern tag team title belts.  

The next match is in the ring:  Tommy Gilbert (NWA U.S. Junior heavyweight champion) verses Les Freeman.  Tommy Gilbert wins with a knee dive off the middle rope.

"Hustler" Rip Rogers comes out to narrate a video of him beating Jacques Rougeau in a loser leaves town match.

Promo from an injured Jacques Rougeau about having to leave town and thanking the fans.

Now we get a promo from Jimmy Golden who is selling a head injury from a loaded boot kick by Vic Rain.  This is followed by a short promo from Billy Spears & Vic Rain & Rip Rogers & Boris Zurkoff.

Oh no, it's a promo by Mush Mouth McGraw.  Thankfully it is short.  Made tollerable by the fact that McGraw used the term "horrifying".

Time for the main event:  Bob Armstrong verses Steve Starr.  This is not a match.  It is the set up for an angle where Ron Fuller attacks Bob Armstrong with all the heels and begins whipping him with a belt.  Soon, everybody in the dressing room clears out.  There is no match, thus no result.

We get the run down for the July 2, 1984 Birmingham, AL show at the Alabama Fairgrounds arena:  Rip Rogers verses Michael Reagan... R.A.T. Patrol verses Tommy Gilbert...  Rick McGraw (NWA Alabama champion) verses Boris Zurkoff...  R.A.T. Patrol (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs no DQ...  Vic Rain (NWA Southeastern champion) verses Buzz Sawyer...  Bob Armstrong verses Ron Fuller in a Canadian Lumberjack match... 

All the heels come out with Ron Fuller to brag about the stapping.  The babyfaces come out to cut a promo on the heels who leave.

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June 30, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart are the hosts... R.A.T. Patrol (Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) defeated Boris Zurkoff & Black Diamond (unknown)... Promo by the R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid)...  Music video featuring Steve Armstrong... Rick McGraw (NWA Alabama champion) defeated Tim Riley... Vic Rain introduced as the new NWA Southeastern heavyweight champion and video verses Jimmy Golden... Ron Fuller promo and video verses Bob Armstrong... Interview with the Billy Spears' Family of Boris Zurkoff & Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Tommy Gilbert...  Tommy Gilbert (NWA U.S. Junior heavyweight champion) defeated Les Freeman... Rip Rogers promo and video of him beating Jacques Rougeau in a loser leave town match...  Promo from Jacques Rougeau...  Jimmy Golden promo with follow up by Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff & Rip Rogers & Vic Rain... Rick McGraw promo... Bob Armstrong verses Steve Starr doesn't take place as Bob Armstrong is attacked by Ron Fuller and all the heels and whipped.     (Referee:  Larry Brock)

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