NWA Southeastern Wrestling Results

NWA Southeastern Wrestling Results


January 1983

February 1983

March 1983

April 1983

May 1983

June 1983

July 1983

August 1983

September 1983

October 1983 

November 1983

December 1983

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January 1985

February 1985

March 1985

April 1985

May 1985

June 1985

Promotion becomes Continental Championship Wrestling

Where did all this information come from?  All the results, news, and information in the pages above were cobbled together from many diverse sources.  While Karl Stern (dragonkingkarl) has worked on much of this for a number of years he is hardly the only person and many of the results and news notes come from other sources including, but not limited to:  The late great Clawmaster who shared so much of his information and results with Karl during his time contributing to the DragonKing Press Newsletter but also:  David Williamson, Mark Calloway, Beau James, J.D. McKay, Dave Meltzer, Jack Lord, David Baker, Kris Zellner, Mike Sempervive, Seth Hansen, Ken Timbs, Pat Rose, Les Freeman, Wayne "Honky Tonk Man" Farris, Jeff Van Camp, Robert Fuller, Mike Jackson, Randy Hales, Ron West and many others.

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