July 28, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool, karl@whenitwascool.com)

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

There are three of the four television shows for July 1984 on YouTube, missing only the 7th and I may have that in my personal collection once I get around to converting it.  So, here we go, July 28, 1984.

If you missed it, last week Bob Armstrong tricked Ron Fuller into a match for the NWA Continental title by becoming the masked Georgia Jaw Jacker in a great all-time Southeastern angle.  This week, hopefully, we'll get the follow up.

We join a match in progress with Austin Idol doing color commentary.  In the ring are Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs managed by Billy Spears against two unidentified people.  Austin Idol continues to lay the groundwork for a Jerry Stubbs babyface turn.  One of the enhancement workers is Mike Thor as identified by Ric Stewart.  The other is Michael Ragin, who had been getting a minor push in the area.  Pure squash by Anderson & Stubbs.  Just a backdrop for Austin Idol to lay down hints for a face turn by Stubbs.

The R.A.T. Patrol, Inc (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrongs & Tonga Kid) come out to watch some video.  This is a video from when the R.A.T. Patrol beat up Billy Spears and ended up injuring Tommy Gilbert. 

We get the run down to Monday night's matches in Birmingham, AL at the Alabama State Fairgrounds arena:  The R.A.T. Patrol verses Michael Ragin with the NWA U.S. Junior title on the line,  Rick McGraw verses Boris Zurkoff, Jimmy Golden verses Vic Rain in a Canadian Death match, R.A.T. Patrol verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs, Austin Idol verses Rip Rogers where the loser gets his hair dyed pink, Bob Armstrong verses Ron Fuller.

Promos now with Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff and then with Mush Mouth McGraw & The R.A.T. Patrol.

Next match up:  Jimmy Golden verses Bruce Walcott.  Oh no, Vic Rain is out for color commentary.  His promos are terrible and he is even worse on extended segments like this.  Thankfully, Vic Rain says his peace and leaves and Austin Idol replaces him.  Jimmy Golden wins with a sleeper.

We now get promos from Bob Armstrong & Jimmy Golden and we find out that Bob has won the NWA Continental title... but first we have to hear from Vic Rain again.  Ron Fuller is there too to save the segment.  

Next segment is an interview with Mush Mouth McGraw.  Oh boy, Rick McGraw seems to be mess up.  As in, he is incoherent, rambling, and mumbling more than usual.  This kind of pisses me off that he'd even be sent out to do an interview like this.  For those who might now know, Rick McGraw would be dead in just over a year at the age of 29.  He tries to watch a video of Boris Zurkoff verses Ricky Gibson.   If you're looking for an example of how modern promos are sometimes better than classic ones, then here is a segment for you.

That was hard to watch.

We are back from commercial with Charlie Platt is talking about some upcoming matches, in particular the "loser must have his hair dyed pink" match between Austin Idol verses Rip Rogers.  Rip Rogers comes out for a promo.  Thankfully, as terrible as Rick McGraw was, Rip Rogers is the total opposite.  Austin Idol then comes out and retorts.

Next match to the ring:  Rip Rogers verses Les Freeman.  This could be a good little match.  Rip Rogers is fantastic and Les Freeman was a solid young wrestler.  Rip Rogers wins with a Boston Crab.  After the match is over, Rip Rogers holds Les Freeman while his valet Brenda Britton paints his hair pink.

We now get a promo from Billy Spears & Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs and they watch video verses the R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid).  Spears and Anderson are turning on Jerry Stubbs.  They argue about whether or not Stubbs is talking to Austin Idol behind their backs.

We get another set of promos from Ron Fuller & Vic Rain and Bob Armstrong & Jimmy Golden.  

Austin Idol music video.

Next match:  Boris Zurkoff & The Superstar (Ray Harris) verses The R.A.T. Patrol.  This week the R.A.T. Patrol are Tonga Kid & Scott Armstrong.  Match starts off with a brawl.  Zurkoff and Billy Spears quickly abandon The Superstar and the R.A.T. Patrol squash him.

Promo from Ron Fuller & Rip Rogers and then Bob Armstrong & Jimmy Golden.

The show ends with hype for an arm wrestling match last week between Rip Rogers and Austin Idol and an appearance by Mr. Wrestling II.

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July 28, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart are the hosts... Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs defeated Mike Thor & Michael Ragin... R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) promo and watch video of the injury to Tommy Gilbert... Dueling promos with Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson & Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff and Rick McGraw & The R.A.T. Patrol... Jimmy Golden defeated Bruce Walcutt... Promos by Vic Rain & Ron Fuller and Bob Armstrong & Jimmy Golden...  Rick McGraw promo watching video of Boris Zurkoff verses Ricky Gibson... Rip Rogers promo...Austin Idol promo... Rip Rogers defeated Les Freeman... After the match Rip Rogers paints Les Freeman's hair pink... Billy Spears & Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs promo...Ron Fuller & Vic Rain promo and Bob Armstrong & Jimmy Golden promo... Austin Idol music video... R.A.T. Patrol (Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) defeated Boris Zurkoff & The Superstar (Ray Harris)... Promos from Rip Rogers & Ron Fuller and Bob Armstrong & Austin Idol... (Referee:  Larry Brock)

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