September 8, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

There's a pretty big gap in the YouTube record in the summer of 1984 until you get to September.  Hopefully, my personal collection will yield some finds.  Here we go with September 8, 1984.

Charlie Platt & Rick Stewart host the show and tell us that coming up in the arenas, finally we will get the R.A.T. Patrol, Inc against Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs for the NWA Southeastern tag team titles.  Over the summer of 1984, the Tonga Kid left the area and was replaced by Steve Armstrong who now joins Scott Armstrong & Johnny Rich in the R.A.T. Patrol.  Rick Stewart tells us that the losing team must split up.  Jerry Stubbs has been teasing a babyface turn for a while now.

Up to the ring now for our first match:  Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs (managed by Billy Spears) verses Jimmy Golden & Jim Backlund.  Jim Backlund is the future Jimmy Del Rey of the Heavenly Bodies fame in Smoky Mountain Wrestling and the WWF.  Austin Idol comes out to the desk to provide commentary.  Billy Spears and Arn Anderson abandon Jerry Stubbs in the ring in order to argue with Austin Idol at the desk.  I guess you can see where this is going?  Stubbs bails out of the ring to argue with partner Arn Anderson and gets counted out.  The heels argue all the way back to the dressing room.  

The R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) come out to watch video verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Billy Spears.  

We now get the run down for Monday Night at Birmingham, AL Boutwell Auditorium:  Porkchop Cash verses Paul Brown, R.A.T. Patrol verses Tommy Gilbert, Jimmy Golden verses Ontario Mauler (Vic Rain), Bob & Steve Armstrong verses Mr. Wrestling I & II (Pat Rose & Johnny Walker), R.A.T. Patrol verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs losing team must split match, Austin Idol (champion) verses Boris Zurkoff for the NWA Southeastern heavyweight title.

Promo with Billy Spears & Arn Anderson.  Jerry Stubbs isn't included.  Then a promo by the R.A.T. Patrol, Inc. (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid).

To the ring for our next match:  Boris Zurkoff (Managed by Billy Spears) verses Kingfish Levinski.  One of the greatest jobber names ever.  Boris is probably the lightest working Russian in wrestling history.  Zurkoff wins with a middle rope clothesline.  Zurkoff covers Levinski with the Russian flag.

We now go to video that has been added on after the TV taping.  Later that night in Dothan, Alabama, Austin Idol took on Boris Zurkoff and Billy Spears interfered.  Arn Anderson then came in and the Spears family were about to give Austin Idol a beat down when Jerry Stubbs ran in for the save and began brawling with the Spears family. Thus rendering the "loser must split" stipulation moot.  Jerry Stubbs was "injured" in the brawl.  Billy Spears apparently was also "injured" in the brawl.  

To the ring for our next match:  Ontario Mauler (Vic Rain) verses Al Scott.  The Ontario Mauler is announced from "parts unknown".  He must do his mauling in Ontario but live in the suburbs or something.  Vic Rain had previously been "suspended" by the NWA so this is his way around it.  The Ontario Mauler is wearing a straight up Masked Superstar mask.  

Personality Profile is up next... or as I like to call it "every interview segment ever".  This week the person being interviewed is Porkchop Bobby Cash who is making his debut.  Also being interviewed is Austin Idol.  Austin Idol refers to the fact that he has recently ran Rip Rogers out of town.  His next program is with Boris Zurkoff.

Now we go to an interview with Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff.

We then go on location to Rick Stewart who is hanging out poolside with Arn Anderson trying to get a promo with him.  Finally, Arn cuts a typically great Arn promo on Stubbs.

We now go to a Jerry Stubbs promo and he is wearing a ridiculous trucker cap.  Again, a typically great Stubbs promo.  

Now Rick Stewart is back in the studio with the R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) talking about the losing team must split stipulation.

To the ring for our next match:  Porkchop Cash verses Mike Thor.  Cash wins with a jumping headbutt.

Promo by Mr. Wrestling I & II (Pat Rose & Johnny Walker) is up next.  Pat Rose is a great talent that doesn't get the recognition he deserves.  Of course, Mr. Wrestling 2 is a southern wrestling legend.  The R.A.T. Patrol comes out and tells them to get in the ring but like good heels they say they don't have a valid contract so they can't wrestle today.

To the ring for the next match:  Bob & Steve Armstrong verses Tommy Gilbert & Paul Brown.  Bob pins Brown, of course.  After the match Mr. Wrestling 1 & 2 hit the ring to attack the Armstrong's.  Mr. Wrestling 2 slams "Bullet" Bob's head into a chair being held by Wrestling I.  

After the commercial break Bob Armstrong comes out and cuts a promo on Mr. Wrestling I & II.  

Promo from Mr. Wrestling I & II & Boris Zurkoff.

Austin Idol comes out and cuts a hot promo on Boris Zurkoff. USA, USA.

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September 8, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart are the hosts... Jimmy Golden & Jim Backlund (David "Jimmy Del Rey" Ferrier) defeated Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs by count out...  Interview with the R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Tonga Kid) to watch video verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs & Billy Spears...Promo Billy Spears & Arn Anderson then the R.A.T. Patrol...Boris Zurkoff defeated Kingfish Levinski... Video of Jerry Stubbs babyface turn after the TV taping from Houston County Farm Center and Stubbs injured... Ontario Mauler (Vic Rain) defeated Al Scott... Porkchop Cash debut interview... Austin Idol promo... Billy Spears & Boris Zurkoff promo... Arn Anderson promo... Jerry Stubbs promo... R.A.T. Patrol promo...  Porkchop Cash defeated Mike Thor... Mr. Wrestling I & II promo (Pat Rose & Johnny Walker)... Bob & Steve Armstrong defeated Tommy Gilbert & Paul Brown...Post match attack by Mr. Wrestling I & II...  Promo by Bob Armstrong...  Promo by Mr. Wrestling I & II & Boris Zurkoff... Austin Idol promo.  (Referee:  Larry Brock)

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