December 22, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio.

Charlie Platt & Rick Stewart kick the show off by telling us that Brad Armstrong has won the North American heavyweight title which was the top title in Mid-South wrestling.  He had just won the title from Ernie Ladd.  We are told this only because Brad was a regular in Southeastern wrestling from his debut until the mid-1980's... that and his father "Bullet" Bob owned a portion of Southeastern wrestling and might have been booking at this time.  Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden come out and cut a promo on Charlie Platt and Rick Stewart for not bringing Golden out first.  They also protest Jimmy Golden having to defend the title on television.  Golden won the title in the past week from Austin Idol.

We go to the ring for our first match:  Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) verses Randy Barber.  Barber is one of Mike Jackson's job crew and is a fixture of 1980's TV wrestling, working not only Southeastern on a regular basis but Mid-South and Georgia as well.  Barber looks like a less fit Arn Anderson.  Mr. Olympia wins with a middle rope clothesline.

Robert Fuller comes out.  He's been out of the area for a while.  They show a video of the last time he was in the area.  Robert makes it clear he is a babyface and that he does not approve of the actions of his heel brother Ron Fuller and cousin Jimmy Golden.  He basically gives a "lost his smile" speech saying essentially that Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden have killed his zest for wrestling and he is going to be wrestling less and considering retirement.

Up next we get the run down of the December 26, 1984 Montgomery, AL card at the civic center:  Porkchop Cash verses Bill Ash, R.A.T. Patrol verses Pat Rose, R.A.T. Patrol verses Randy Rose, Scott Armstrong verses Denny Brown for the NWA World Junior title, Continental title vs. Alabama title winner take all- Bob Armstrong verses Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp), Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) verses Arn Anderson in a steel cage match, Austin Idol verses Jimmy Golden in a steel cage match.

Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Arn Anderson promo followed by a promo by Mr. Olympia & Austin Idol.

Next match is up for the NWA Southeastern heavyweight title:  Austin Idol verses Jimmy Golden (champion).  Ron Fuller is out still protesting this match.  I must point out that Ron Fuller has replaced his cowboy hat with a top hat now and a tuxedo.  The match breaks down immediately as Idol dumps Fuller into the ring and puts the Las Vegas leglock on him.  While Idol has Fuller in the hold a masked man climbs the top rope and jumps off on him.  This is Ron Fuller's "World Famous Assassin".  He is not Jody Hamilton, the world famous Assassin.  In fact, it has long been argued about who this was.  Most have said it's Randy Barber who was out just minutes earlier but it's clear to me this person is heavier and in an upcoming promo you can see his face is way different than Barbers.  I have also heard it was Bob Owens who seems like more of a fit to me.  Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp) comes out and he and the Assassin hold the legs of Idol while Jimmy Golden spears Idol in the throat with Ron Fuller's walking cane.  Mr. Olympia comes out for the save but has to fight Arn Anderson.  It's a big brawl now in the studio.  Austin Idol does the spitting up blood gimmick.

We come back from the break to hear a promo from Ron Fuller while Lord Humongous stands there stoically.  Then we go to Bob Armstrong for follow up.

We now get a promo by the NWA U.S. Junior champion Bill Ash who is mad that Scott Armstrong is getting a shot at the NWA World Junior champion Denny Brown instead of himself.  We now see video of Denny Brown verses Paul Schmitt from Mid-Atlantic.

Back from commercial to Personality Profile (or as I like to call it "Every interview segment ever") Ron Fuller is hyping the Stud's Stable along with Arn Anderson & Jimmy Golden.  Then we get a really good segment with Rick Steward hyping how dangerous a steel cage match is.  Stewart does a good job selling a cage match.

Now we get a promo from Mr. Olympia followed by more comments from the Stud's Stable, now joined by Lord Humongous & The World Famous Assassin (probably Bob Owens).

Next match up:  Pat & Randy Rose verses Jason Walker & Porkchop Cash.  Pat & Randy Rose are the NWA Southeastern tag team champions.  Pat, weeks earlier, had been Mr. Wrestling I teaming with Mr. Wrestling 2 but had been unmasked and is now teaming with "cousin" Randy. The Roses win with the middle rope power slam.

Back from commercial we get promos from Pat & Randy Rose followed up by the R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong).  Randy Rose is wearing a shirt with a tiger on it that is way too small.

Bob Armstrong shows up late for work apparently and now comes out to ask what happened to Austin Idol.  Well Bob, he got beat up by the Stud's Stable and I guess his friends hadn't shown up to work yet to save him.  Bob watches video from last week where Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden drive the cane into his head.  Bob is wearing a regrettable shirt.  This brings out Robert Fuller who promises to help Bob Armstrong.

Next match in the ring:  Arn Anderson verses Terry Ellis. Quick squash by Anderson.

The show wraps up with Ron Fuller coming out shouting and joined by The Assassin & Jimmy Golden.  Then Robert Fuller comes out and gets in a slap fight with brother Ron.  Bullet Bob says he liked it.

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December 22, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Ric Stewart are the hosts... Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden promo... Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) defeated Randy Barber... Robert Fuller promo... Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Arn Anderson promo...  Mr. Olympia & Austin Idol promo... Austin Idol defeated Jimmy Golden by DQ with big brawl afterward... Ron Fuller & Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp) promo followed by Bob Armstrong promo... Bill Ash promo and video of Denny Brown verses Paul Schmitt from Mid-Atlantic wrestling... Stud's Stable promo with Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Arn Anderson... Video segment on steel cage matches... Mr. Olympia promo... More from the Stud's Stable plus Lord Humongous & The Assassin (Bob Owens)... Pat & Randy Rose defeated Porkchop Cash & Jason Walker... Pat & Randy Rose promo... R.A.T. Patrol (Johnny Rich & Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong) promo... Bob Armstrong promo and video from the prior week verses Jimmy Golden with additional Robert Fuller promo... Arn Anderson defeated Terry Ellis...Promo by Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden & World Famous Assassin... Robert Fuller and Ron Fuller confrontation... (Referee:  Larry Brock & Marvin Kelly)

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