December 29, 1984 Southeastern Championship Wrestling Television Show Review

By: Karl Stern (@dragonkingkarl, @wiwcool,

We continue our look at the NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling promotion and television program from Dothan, Alabama television studio. Episode 219.

The show begins in progress and Ron Fuller and the Stud's Stable (Jimmy Golden, The Assassin, Lord Humongous, Arn Anderson) come out to cut a promo on the fact that Austin Idol isn't at TV today and want to know where he is.  Ron Fuller is in ultra hyper-active mode today and demands that Charlie & Rick show the Lord Humongous hype video again.  It's a great video.  It's clips from the Memphis area of Lord Humongous destroying people including Jerry Lawler.  The only problem is, Lord Humongous in this area is Jeff Van Camp and in Memphis it was Mike Stark and the two are built totally different.

Back from commercial, Bob Armstrong is out at the desk and wants to watch a video of himself verses NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair that had interference from Ron Fuller.  This is the match where Ron Fuller comes to ringside and takes the time keeper's bell away from timekeeper Mike Jackson and rings the bell costing Armstrong the NWA world title.

We get a run down of the matches coming up New Year's Day in Mobile, AL headlined by Bob Armstrong verses The Assassin (Bob Owens) for the Continental title.

After the break we are back with a promo by Ron Fuller and the Tennessee Stud Stable (Arn Anderson & Jimmy Golden & Lord Humongous & The Assassin).  I think this tape is missing a match as Charlie Platt was introducing one but we cut to these promos instead.  After Ron Fuller's crew finishes their promo we go to Mr. Olympia & Bob Armstrong & Porkchop Cash for their take.

To the ring for a six man tag team match:  Arn Anderson & The Assassin (Bob Owens) & Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp) (managed by Ron Fuller) verses Porkchop Cash & Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) & Josh Stroud.  Be you can't guess who is doing the job here?  I do wish Josh Stroud would have got a push somewhere.  He seemed pretty good and had the best build of anybody in the territory.  Well, Stroud didn't sell much and pretty much went 100 mph.  Arn Anderson and Mr. Olympia are far and away the best two workers in the match.  Humongous is mostly all power moves and no-selling, which is exactly as it should be.  Arn Anderson pins Josh Stroud with the forward suplex.

We get tons of promos next:  First the heels:  Ron Fuller & Bill Ash & Randy Rose & Pat Rose & Lord Humongous & Arn Anderson & The Assassin (whew) then over to the baby faces- the R.A.T. Patrol (Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong & Johnny Rich) & Mr. Olympia & Bob Armstrong & Porkchop Cash.

To the ring now for another match:  NWA World Junior heavyweight champion Denny Brown verses Mike Jackson.  Mike Jackson should have held this belt considering he was twice the worker with one hundred times the charisma of Denny Brown.  The NWA U.S. Junior heavyweight champion Bill Ash is out for commentary.  Mike Jackson throws a great dropkick in this match.  You can't help but like Bill Ash if only for the fact he used the phrase, "like a chicken on a June bug."  I hate to say this but Jackson is carrying the match against the WORLD junior champion.  I don't understand why Southeastern didn't get the World Junior title anyway.  Jim Crockett Promotions did nothing with it except put it on bland enhancement workers.  Ron Fuller was Vice President of the NWA, it isn't like he couldn't have pulled it off if he had wanted to.  I'm just saying that Bill Ash, Mike Jackson, Tim Horner, Scott Armstrong, etc. are superior to Denny Brown and the belt would have been pushed.  Brown wins with a roll up.

After commercial we go to the desk where Charlie Platt has a big trophy he's going to tell us about.  It's some gimmick for an elimination tag team match and Bob Armstrong is out to tell us more.  

This next segment is gold.  It is cheesy mid-1980's low rent territorial wrestling at it's best.  We go outside to Ron Fuller at a farm or something.  He has a plastic sign hung up that reads "Stud's Stable".  Arn Anderson & Jimmy Golden are sitting out there looking like two normal people while Jeff Van Camp is sitting there in full ridiculous Lord Humongous clothes complete with hockey mask.  The Assassin looks like Jabba the Hutt with what appears to be a bed sheet covering him up and a pillow case or something around his head.  It is utter, lowbrow ridiculousness.  This whole interview is being conducted by Ron Fuller in a suit and a top hat just for garnish.  

We go to the ring for a match but it's not happening for some reason, so Rick Stewart throws it back to Charlie Platt to stale for time.  The tape unfortunetly ends as we are getting Bob Armstrong challenging Jimmy Golden to a match for the NWA Southeastern title.

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December 29, 1984 (Dothan, AL) (Television Show):  Charlie Platt & Rick Stewart host the show... Ron Fuller & Stud's Stable promo & Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp) hype video (except it's Mike Stark in the video)... Bob Armstrong promo and video verses Ric Flair with interference from Ron Fuller... Ron Fuller & Stud Stable promo (Jimmy Golden & Arn Anderson & The Assassin (Bob Owens) & Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp)... Promo by Bob Armstrong & Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) & Porkchop Cash...  Arn Anderson & Lord Humongous (Jeff Van Camp) & The Assassin (Bob Owens) defeated Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) & Porkchop Cash & Josh Stroud... Tons of promos next:  First the heels:  Ron Fuller & Bill Ash & Randy Rose & Pat Rose & Lord Humongous & Arn Anderson & The Assassin (whew) then over to the baby faces- the R.A.T. Patrol (Scott Armstrong & Steve Armstrong & Johnny Rich) & Mr. Olympia & Bob Armstrong & Porkchop Cash... Denny Brown defeated Mike Jackson... Bob Armstrong promo... Ron Fuller & Stud's Stable promo... tape ends before main event.  (Referee: Larry Brock) (219)

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