Randy Rose is wrestling under a mask as the Super Pro but everyone knows it is Randy Rose and they openly refer to him as such.  Don Carson is unmasked as The Big C #1 and at some point Dennis Condrey must also lose his mask as The Big C #2.  Rose & Condrey are referred to as "cousins" for the first time.  They would soon form a tag team and be a staple of the area.  Eventually, they would become known as the Midnight Express and add Norvell Austin as a trio but that would still be months away.

On a couple of the early shows they continued to use the old Gulf Coast Wrestling TV set until it was replaced about three television shows in by a new set.

I grew up on the southern version of NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling which ran from October, 1980 until June 1985 when it became Continental Championship Wrestling.  This is the story of that promotion.

November 1, 1980 (Television Show) (Dothan, AL): Hosts Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher... Complete results not known...  Ron Bass & Super Pro (Randy Rose) (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) defeated Roy Lee Welch & Ray Harris...  The Super Pro slaps an injured Brad Armstrong who is saved by Bob Armstrong. Jos LeDuc runs in to save Bob Armstrong from attack by Ron Bass & Super Pro...  Mongolian Stomper (NWA Southeastern champion) defeated Charlie Cook...  (Tommy Weathers referee) (03)

November 2, 1980:  No results.

November 3, 1980:  No results.

November 4, 1980 (Mobile, AL)(Expo Hall):  Complete results not available:  Norvell Austin defeated Don Carson...  Mongolian Stomper defeated Bob Armstrong...  Ron Bass & Super Pro (Randy Rose) defeated Robert Fuller & Jos LeDuc.

November 5, 1980:  No results.

November 6, 1980:  No results.

November 7, 1980:  No results.

November 8, 1980 (Television Show) (Dothan, AL):  Hosts Charlie Platt & Les Thatcher... Complete results not known...  Ron Bass & Super Pro (Randy Rose) (NWA Southeastern tag team champions) defeated Charlie Cook & Charles Odom...  (Tommy Weathers referee) (04)

November 9, 1980 (Pensacola, FL):  Mongolian Stomper & Ron Bass & Don Carson & Super Pro (Randy Rose) verses Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong & Norvell Austin & Jos LeDuc in a no DQ best 2 out of 3 falls match...  Jerry Stubbs verses Charlie Cook...  Lou Thesz verses Mike Masters...  Brad Armstrong verses Super Pro (Randy Rose).

November 10, 1980:  No results.

November 11, 1980:  No results.

November 12, 1980:  No results.

November 13, 1980 (Birmingham, AL):  NWA Alabama title tournament:  Mr. Wrestling II verses Don Carson...  Robert Fuller verses Mongolian Stomper...  Bob Armstrong verses Ron Bass...  Norvell Austin verses Jerry Stubbs...  Charlie Cook verses Super Pro (Randy Rose)...  Lou Thesz verses Jerry Brown...  Jos LeDuc verses Mike Masters...  Roy Lee Welch verses Les Thornton (NWA World Junior heavyweight champion)...  Bob Armstrong won the NWA Alabama title. (This was the first Southeastern Championship Wrestling branded card in Birmingham, AL)

November 14, 1980 (Huntsville, AL) (Madison County Coliseum):  Charlie Cook verses Mike Masters...  Jerry Brown verses Lou Thesz...  Norvell Austin verses Don Carson...  Les Thornton (NWA World Junior champion) verses Jerry Stubbs... Ron Bass & Super Pro (Randy Rose) verses Robert Fuller & Jos LeDuc...  Mongolian Stomper verses Bob Armstrong.

November 15, 1980 (Television Show):  No results. (05)

November 16, 1980 (Pensacola, FL):  Bob Armstrong & Jos LeDuc verses Ron Bass & Super Pro (Randy Rose)...  Charlie Cook verses Mongolian Stomper...  Stan Frazier verses Dennis Condrey...  Brad Armstrong verses Don Carson...  Norvell Austin verses Jerry Stubbs.

November 17, 1980:  No results.

November 18, 1980:  No results.

November 19, 1980:  No results.

November 20, 1980:  No results.

November 21, 1980:  No results.

November 22, 1980 (Television Show):  No results. (06)

November 23, 1980:  No results.

November 24, 1980 (Birmingham, AL):  Mongolian Stomper verses Mr. Wrestling II (Johnny Walker)...  Bob Armstrong verses Killer Kahn... Ron Bass & Randy Rose verses Jos LeDuc & Johnny Valiant...  Norvell Austin verses Jerry Stubbs...  Charlie Cook verses Dennis Condrey...  Jimmy Golden verses El Diablo (unknown).

November 25, 1980:  No results

November 26, 1980:  No results.

November 27, 1980:  No results.

November 28, 1980:  No results.

November 29, 1980 (Television Show):  No results. (07)

November 30, 1980:  No results.

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