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October 1, 1982:  No results.

October 2, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (103)

October 3, 1982:  No results.

October 4, 1982 (Birmingham, AL)(Boutwell Auditorium):  Scott McGhee battled Ted Oates to a draw...  Austin Idol battled Wayne Farris to a no contest...  Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin) defeated Michael Hayes & Tom Jones...  David Schultz defeated Bob Armstrong by DQ...  Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated New Zealand Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams).

October 5, 1982:  No results.

October 6, 1982:  No results.

October 7, 1982:  No results.

October 8, 1982:  No results.

October 9, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (104)

October 10, 1982:  No results.

October 11, 1982 (Birmingham, AL)(Boutwell Auditorium):  Norvell Austin battled Tom Jones to a draw...  Bill Ash defeated Scott McGhee...  David Schultz defeated Bob Armstrong by knock out...  Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose) by DQ...  Austin Idol defeated Wayne Farris.

October 12, 1982:  No results.

October 13, 1982:  No results.

October 14, 1982:  No results.

October 15, 1982:  No results.

October 16, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (105)

October 17, 1982 (Pensacola, FL):  Bob Armstrong & Austin Idol verses David Schultz & Wayne Farris is a lumberjack match...  Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones verses Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Norvell Austin)...  Bill Ash verses Mike Jackson...  Scott McGhee verses The Outlaw (unknown).

October 18, 1982:  No results.

October 19, 1982:  No results.

October 20, 1982:  No results.

October 21, 1982 (Birmingham, AL)(Boutwell Auditorium):  Tournament to meet the NWA World champion:  Norvell Austin defeated Tom Jones...  Dennis Condrey defeated Scott McGhee...  Bill Ash defeated Michael Hayes...  Jimmy Golden defeated Randy Rose...  Ron Fuller defeated The Superstar (unknown)...  Austin Idol defeated Wayne Farris by DQ...  David Schultz defeated Bob Armstrong...  Jimmy Golden defeated Bill Ash...  Ron Fuller defeated Dennis Condrey by DQ...  David Schultz defeated Austin Idol...  Norvell Austin received a bye...  Norvell Austin defeated Jimmy Golden...  Ron Fuller defeated David Schultz...  Ron Fuller defeated Norvell Austin to win the tournament.

October 22, 1982:  No results.

October 23, 1982 (Television Show):  Complete results not available...  Ric Flair edited Fire & Ice video verses Ron Fuller aired... Ron Fuller defeated Al Scott. (106)

October 24, 1982:  No results.

October 25, 1982 (Birmingham, AL):  Ted Oates battled Bill Ash to a double DQ...  Wayne Farris defeated Austin Idol by count out...  David Schultz defeated Bob Armstrong to win the NWA Southeastern title...  Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones defeated Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin by DQ...  NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair defeated Ron Fuller to retain the title with special referee Bob Armstrong.

October 26, 1982 (Mobile, AL)(Expo Hall):  Ron Fuller defeated NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair by DQ with Bob Armstrong as special referee Armstrong turns heel in this match, attacking and injuring Ron Fuller....  Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones verses Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin)...  Bob Armstrong verses David Schultz...  Austin Idol verses Wayne Farris...  Scott McGhee verses Bill Ash in a loser leaves town match.

October 27, 1982:  No results.

October 28, 1982: (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Bob Armstrong & Austin Idol vs. David Shultz & Wayne Farris in a steel cage match… Ron Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones vs. Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin & Randy Rose in an elimination match… Bill Ash vs. Ted Oates… Jimmy Golden vs. Dennis Condrey

October 29, 1982:  No results.

October 30, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (107)

October 31, 1982:  No results.

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