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Note:  The Midnight Express (later Midnight Express, Inc.) operated under the "Freebird rules" where any two of the three members could wrestle in a tag team match.  So results featuring the Midnight Express could be any combination of Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, or Norvell Austin

November 1, 1982 (Birmingham, AL):  David Schultz defeated Austin Idol...  Midnight Express battled Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones to a draw...  Robert Fuller went to a double count out with Bob Armstrong...  Wayne Farris defeated Tom Prichard... Bill Ash defeated Ted Oates.

November 2, 1982:  No results.

November 3, 1982 (Pensacola, FL):  Austin Idol verses Bob Armstrong...  David Schultz verses Jimmy Golden...  Robert Fuller & Wrestling Pro (Leon Baxter) verses Midnight Express...  Tom Jones verses Wayne Farris...  Roy Lee Welch verses Bill Ash.

November 4, 1982:  No results.

November 5, 1982:  No results.

November 6, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (108)

November 7, 1982:  No results.

November 8, 1982 (Birmingham, AL):  Bill Ash defeated Roy Lee Welch...  Mongolian Stomper defeated Wayne Farris via DQ...  Bob Armstrong defeated Robert Fuller...  Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones defeated Midnight Express (Randy Rose & Norvell Austin) via DQ...  Austin Idol defeated David Schultz via DQ.

November 9, 1982:  No results.

November 10, 1982 (Pensacola, FL):  Bob Armstrong verses Austin Idol in an I quit match...  Tom Jones verses David Schultz...  Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden verses Midnight Express...  Mongolian Stomper verses Wayne Farris...  Roy Lee Welch verses Bill Ash.

November 11, 1982:  No results.

November 12, 1982:  No results.

November 13, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (109)

November 14, 1982: (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Austin Idol & Robert Fuller vs. Bob Armstrong & David Schultz… Jimmy Golden & Mongolian Stomper vs. The Midnight Express… Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) vs. Wayne Farris… Robert Gibson vs. Bill Ash… Tom Jones vs. The Outlaw (unknown)

November 15, 1982: (Birmingham, AL) (Boutwell Auditorium): Robert Gibson defeated Bill Ash… Wayne Farris defeated Mongolian Stomper by DQ… Lumberjack Match: Bob Armstrong defeated Robert Fuller… Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose defeated Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones… Austin Idol defeated David Schultz by DQ.

November 16, 1982:  No results.

November 17, 1982:  No results.

November 18, 1982:  No results.

November 19, 1982:  No results.

November 20, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (110)

November 21, 1982:  (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Austin Idol & Robert Fuller & Mongolian Stomper vs. Bob Armstrong & Wayne Farris & David Schultz in an elimination match… Bill Ash vs. Robert Gibson… Jimmy Golden vs. Norvell Austin… Randy Rose vs. Tom Jones… Ted Oates vs. Dennis Condrey

November 22, 1982:  No results.

November 23, 1982:  No results.

November 24, 1982:  No results.

November 25, 1982 (Birmingham, AL):  2 ring triple chance battle royal...  Midnight Express verses Tom Jones & Jimmy Golden...  Robert Fuller verses Bob Armstrong in a lumberjack match...  Austin Idol & Mongolian Stomper verses Wayne Farris & David Schultz...  Robert Gibson verses Bill Ash...  Ted Oates verses Dennis Condrey.

November 26, 1982:  No results.

November 27, 1982 (Television Show):  No results. (111)

November 28, 1982: (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Mongolian Stomper & Robert Fuller & Austin Idol vs. David Schultz & Wayne Farris & Bob Armstrong in a Texas death match… The Midnight Express vs. Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones… Bill Ash vs. Roy Lee Welch… Robert Gibson vs. Ted Oates

November 29, 1982 (Birmingham, AL):  Tom Jones defeated Randy Barber...  Robert Gibson defeated Bill Ash...  Jimmy Golden battled Wayne Farris  to a double count out...  Bob Armstrong defeated Robert Fuller...  Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose) defeated Mongolian Stomper & Mongolian Stomper, Jr. (Tommy Lane) by DQ...  Austin Idol defeated Kochenko (Korestia Korchencko).

November 30, 1982:  No results.

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