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April 1, 1984:  No results.

April 2, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Sonny King & Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson defeated Ron Fuller & Andre the Giant in a handicap match...  Charlie Cook battled Rip Rogers to a draw...  Vic Rain defeated Jacques Rougeau...  Jimmy Golden defeated Mr. Orient (Ron Slinker)...  Johnny Rich defeated Boris Zurkov via DQ.

April 3, 1984:  No results.

April 4, 1984:  No results.

April 5, 1984:  No results.

April 6, 1984 (Panama City, FL):  Tennessee Stud (Ron Fuller) & Andre the Giant verses Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs...  Jimmy Golden verses Ron Slinker...  Jacques Rougeau verses Vic Rain...  Johnny Rich verses Rip Rogers...  Charlie Cook verses Boris Zurkov.

April 7, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (182)

April 8, 1984:  No results.

April 9, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Robert Fuller & Rick McGraw defeated Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson by DQ...  Jimmy Golden defeated Ron Slinker...  Johnny Rich defeated Rip Rogers...  Boris Zurkov defeated Charlie Cook...  Vic Rains defeated Jacques Rougeau...  Vic Rains defeated Charlie Cook to win the NWA Alabama title.

April 10, 1984:  No results.

April 11, 1984:  No results.

April 12, 1984:  No results.

April 13, 1984:  No results.

April 14, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (183)

April 15, 1984 (Pensacola, FL):  NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair verses Jimmy Golden...  Ron Fuller & Jacques Rougeau verses Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson...  Rick McGraw verses Boris Zhukov...  Charlie Cook verses Rip Rogers...  Vic Rain verses Johnny Rich.

April 16, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair defeated Jimmy Golden by DQ...  Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson defeated Rick McGraw & Ron Fuller...  Vic Rains defeated Jacques Rougeau...  Johnny Rich defeated Rip Rogers...  Boris Zurkov defeated Charlie Cook.

April 17, 1984:  No results.

April 18, 1984:  No results.

April 19, 1984:  No results.

April 20, 1984:  No results.

April 21, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (184)

April 22, 1984:  No results.

April 23, 1984 (Birmingham, AL):  Tommy Gilbert defeated Randy Barber...  Charlie Cook battled Rick McGraw to a draw...  Johnny Rich defeated Rip Rogers by count out...  Vic Rains defeated Jacques Rougeau in a Texas death match...  Jimmy Golden defeated Boris Zurkov by DQ...  Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller defeated Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs.

April 24, 1984:  No results.

April 25, 1984:  No results.

April 26, 1984:  No results.

April 27, 1984:  No results.

April 28, 1984 (Television Show):  No results. (185)

April 28, 1984 (Dothan, AL)(Houston County Farm Center):  Complete results not available...  Bob Armstrong & Ron Fuller defeated Arn Anderson & Jerry Stubbs by DQ.

April 29, 1984:  No results.

April 30, 1984:  No results.

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