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Note:  The Midnight Express (later Midnight Express, Inc.) operated under the "Freebird rules" where any two of the three members could wrestle in a tag team match.  So, results featuring the Midnight Express could be any combination of Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose, or Norvell Austin.

There is very little existing television footage from 1982-1983 for NWA Southeastern.  Here is a cobbled together video from a couple shows from April 1983.  It appears to be taken from two different shows this month.

April 1, 1983:  No results.

April 2, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (129)

April 3, 1983 (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium): Austin Idol & Ken Lucas & Jimmy Golden & Frank Savage vs. Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin & Randy Rose & Mongolian Stomper in a Southern street fight match… The Exterminator (unknown) vs. The Flame (Jody Hamilton)… Tom Jones vs. Bob Armstrong… Tony Charles vs. Bill Ash in a no DQ match… Buck Robley vs. Masked Ripper (unknown)

April 4, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Boutwell Auditorium): Tommy Rogers defeated Bill Ash… Buck Robley d. Masked Ripper (unknown) by count out… Alabama Heavyweight Title: Jimmy Golden (champion) defeated The Flame (Jody Hamilton) by DQ… Southeastern tag titles: Jimmy Golden & Tommy Rogers defeated Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose (champions) by DQ… Sleeper vs. Sleeper Match for the Southeastern Heavyweight Title: Ken Lucas (champion) defeated Bob Armstrong… Mongolian Strap Match: Buck Robley (substituting for Austin Idol) defeated Mongolian Stomper by DQ

April 5, 1983 (Mobile, AL) (Expo Hall): Southeastern Title Match: Ken Lucas (champion) vs Bob Armstrong (sleeper hold must be used to win match)… Austin Idol vs The Mongolian Stomper (leather strap match)… Southeastern tag team title Match: The Midnight Express (champions) vs Mr. Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) & Frank Savage… Alabama Title Match: The Flame (champion) vs Jimmy Golden… Tommy Rogers vs Bill Ash… Buck Robley vs The Ripper

April 6, 1983:  No results.

April 7, 1983:  No results.

April 8, 1983:  No results.

April 9, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (130)

April 10, 1983:  No results.

April 11, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Boutwell Auditorium):  Bill Ash defeated Mike Jackson...  Dennis Condrey defeated Tom Jones...  The Flame (Jody Hamilton)  battled Jimmy Golden to a double count out...  Bob Armstrong defeated Ken Lucas to win the NWA Southeastern title...  Midnight Express (Norvell Austin & Randy Rose) defeated Buck Robley & Frank Savage...  Mongolian Stomper battled Austin Idol to a no contest.

April 12, 1983:  No results.

April 13, 1983:  No results.

April 14, 1983:  No results.

April 15, 1983:  No results.

April 16, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (131)

April 17, 1983 (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium):  Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Norvell Austin) defeated Jimmy Golden & Buck Robley & Frank Savage in a loser of the fall leaves town (Frank Savage loses)...  Ken Lucas verses Bob Armstrong...  Austin Idol verses Mongolian Stomper...  Soulman Tom Jones verses The Flame (Jody Hamilton)...  Tommy Rogers verses Bill Ash.

April 18, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Alabama Fairgrounds Arena):  NWA Southeastern tag team title tournament:  Jimmy Golden & Soulman Tom Jones verses Midnight Express...  Ken Lucas & Frank Savage verses New Zealand Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams)...  Los Lobos (Probably Rick "Black Bart" Harris & Cyclone Negro) verses Bob Armstrong & The Flame (Jody Hamilton)... Austin Idol & Buck Robley verses Midnight Express.

April 19, 1983: (Mobile, AL) (Expo Hall) Tournament for the Southeastern Tag Team Titles: Jimmy Golden & Tom Jones verses The Midnight Express… Ken Lucas & Frank Savage verses The New Zealand Sheepherders… Los Lobos (Probably Rick "Black Bart" Harris & Cyclone Negro) verses Bob Armstrong & The Flame… Austin Idol & Buck Robley verses The Midnight Express… U.S. Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Bill Ash (champion) vs Tommy Rogers

April 20, 1983:  No results.

April 21, 1983:  No results.

April 22, 1983:  No results.

April 23, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (132)

April 24, 1983 (Pensacola, FL) (Municipal Auditorium):  Jimmy Golden & Soulman Tom Jones verses Midnight Express...  Austin Idol & Buck Robley verses Mongolian Stomper & Bill Ash in a Texas tornado match...  Tommy Rogers & Tony Charles verses New Zealand Sheepherders (Jonathan Boyd & Luke Williams)...  Ken Lucas & Mr. Pensacola (unknown) verses Bob Armstrong & The Flame (Jody Hamilton)...  Eddie Hogan (Ed "Brutus Beefcake" Leslie) verses Bill Ash.

April 25, 1983 (Birmingham, AL) (Boutwell Auditorium):  Austin Idol verses Mongolian Stomper in a Texas death match...  El Lobo (Rick "Black Bart" Harris) verses Bob Armstrong...  Ken Lucas & Frank Savage & Buck Robley verses Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Norvell Austin)...  Jimmy Golden verses The Flame (Jody Hamilton)...  Bill Ash verses Tommy Rogers.

April 26, 1983:  No results.

April 27, 1983:  No results.

April 28, 1983:  No results.

April 29, 1983:  No results.

April 30, 1983 (Television Show):  No results. (133)